There is no such thing as a better testosterone treatment. It is, as they say, what it is.

So how do you convince men that XYOSTED is a better way to treat low testosterone ⁠⁠— with more than seven direct competitors in the market prior to launch already fighting for position?


Through social listening, we learned patients thought that the available treatments were universally inconvenient.

More accurately, the gels & topicals are gross. They're messy. And don't even think about hugging your wife or taking a shower after you put them on.

The injections? They're painful. They're clumsy. And did we mention they're painful?


Social listening research confirmed that men were frustrated. The complaints came through loud and clear.

But what surprised us was the energy around these sentiments: as frustrated as our audience was with the treatment options, they seemed to accept the drawbacks with amusement and self-deprecation, sharing tips and tricks to work around the all-too-prevalent product shortcomings. Their discussions were extensive, supportive, and often laugh-out-loud funny.

But more importantly, they were all colored by a sense of compromise. These patients were settling.

And of course, the extensive Low T discussion happening on social media also made our medium for the campaign clear.


Lean into the mess of our competitors' treatment flaws, with humor and inclusiveness, to create comic camaraderie around demand for a better testosterone treatment.

Life can be frustrating enough without the added nuisance of an inefficient or ineffective testosterone therapy.


We brought our Creative Strategy to life by pairing clear copy (i.e., "Life is messy" and "Life is painful") with ridiculous visuals of men getting their butts generally kicked by life, and leveraged our social media know-how to develop images that would have stopping power on the medium. This meant exaggerated facial expressions, arresting colors, and laughable, sharable scenarios.

After drawing the audience in with situational humor, we left them with the message "It doesn't have to be", opening the door for the branded launch of XYOSTED and a life without the constant frustration of inconvenient and ineffective Low T treatments.


Coming out of the gate, our Facebook & Instagram ads blew campaign projections out of the water.